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The chod rig is a popular presentation among some of the finest carp anglers in the UK. Many top anglers swear by this rig - but why? Well, it’s practically tangle free, lays perfectly over any type of bottom debris and carp find it very hard to eject. This is due to the ultra-short hooklength that you employ.


Now, the chod rig is a specialised pop-up presentation and has to be tied carefully using the correct components. A stiff material, is an absolute must because it allows you to form that all-important curve that carp find so difficult to eject once sucked in. It also needs to be used in conjunction with a mega-buoyant pop-up such as a corkball design. Anglers have experimented using it coupled with a bottom bait, but it’s nowhere near as effective.


The blowback rig, was originally designed to outwit riggy fish. A sliding micro rig ring is tied to the hair, enabling the bait to move vertically along the shank. This achieves two things – Firstly, it prevents the hair from tangling on the cast and also allows the hook bait to roam freely up and down the shank.


As a result, if a carp blows out the hook bait, it will simply cause the ring and bait to slide up the shank thus causing the point to drive home into the bottom lip – a devastating rig presentation and one that is often adopted by many of the sports top anglers


Try placing some shrink tubing over the eye of the hook. This will allow it to flip and catch hold in the carp’s mouth.


The zig rig has been around for many years now and allows a buoyant bait to be fished from the lake bed at the depth of your choice. Although effective at any time of the year, zig rigging really comes into its own through the spring when the carp are spending much of their time in the upper layers.


A good starting point on any water is to begin at two thirds of the depth in front of you and then take it from there. If you have no luck to start with then don't be afraid to experiment. The depth the carp are sitting at will vary on conditions and the time of day. Also remember that the carp won't suddenly all swim to the bottom just because it gets dark. Carp will pick up a zig rigged bait at any time of the day or night - if you have the nerve to give it a go! 

The Stiff Hinged Rig is a fantastic method and has been used by some of the best UK carp anglers. It was founded back in the early 1990s, then further developed and publicised by Terry Hearn, who really brought the rig to higher levels.The rig includes a stiff boom section between the swivels to the pop-up section, which is a normal Chod Rig setup, with a Chod filament section on a D-Rig setup. The basic principle of the rig is that unlike the Chod Rig it can’t be fished in really heavy weed because the Hinged Stiff Rig

is designed to fish on more of a hard clear bottom, purely because of the stiffness of the boom section.

So, if the lake you’re fishing is predominately a flat clear bottom, it’s a perfect presentation to use for a single hookbait cast to showing


Receive the best of both worlds – invisibility in conjunction with a natural-acting hook bait. The fluorocarbon section, known as the boom, blends in with the bottom due to its invisibility properties and also helps to kick the bait away from the lead on the cast. This is imperative in preventing tangles. Some putty can be added, or a Sinker, to ensure that it sits flush to the lake bed.


A soft, two-inch section of braided material is then tied securely to the fluorocarbon using a neat knot. The supple section allows movement, thus causing the bait to act more naturally on the lake bed, rather than sitting rigid like a stiff fluorocarbon would do.


Generally used as a bottom bait/balanced rig.